Kat Chaszczewski PGA


  • Started researching into the golf industry for a career change
  • Currently studying to obtain a Masters Degree
  • Has worked in different roles in the industry including shop manager

My career in golf has helped me meet people who have brought out the best in me. 

I first played when I was 11. I seemed to have an aptitude for it, but we moved about lots when I was young, and I drifted away from the sport until I was 24. 

I moved to a new town, so I joined Hurtmore to meet new people. 

I worked outside of golf, but was facing redundancy, so I was looking at options and started searching for golf jobs. 

A nearby vacancy appeared, and I enquired with the idea that I could work towards my qualifications.  

I was delighted to get the job, working with Neil Plimmer, who was fantastic for my personal progression. 

I got my handicap down to 5, and decided to pursue my PGA qualifications.  

It felt a natural progression, though I guess I had an unusual route into it, and I qualified when I was 40. 

I probably had a different perspective on the training – I left school at 18, so I had to adapt going back into an academic environment. 

In terms of what the PGA means to me, I love being part of something that is recognised.  

It was challenging, because I had no golfing background, and I was surrounded by people who mostly had aspirations to play the game professionally. 

However, my confidence grew, and Im actually now in the middle of a masters degree! 

I moved to Cranfield after Mid-Sussex, where I was managing the shop, was sold. 

That was where it felt like it all clicked, and I had nine great years there, before I returned to work at Hurtmore.  

In terms of what the PGA means to me, I love being part of something that is recognised.  

Whats not to like about being a professional at something?! 

It gives me a feeling of purpose and belonging, especially having bounced around different careers. 

My advice to someone considering a career in golf would be just to go for it. 

I learned about myself as I went, and looking back I can see how I developed. 

It was scary – I didnt even understand the first session.   

But that journey has given me a lot of confidence and taken me on an academic journey that I could never have imagined.  

Going from leaving school at 18 to gaining a distinction in the first year of my masters!  

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